Useful Links

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Government Official Website

Ubuntu Beds – Quarantine facilities for healthcare and community healthcare workers

Paedspal Free Covid Helpline – Feeling stressed or worried? Call or send a WhatsApp to 081 514 3120 and a therapist will give you a confidential call back (Mon – Fri, 9am-4pm)

Messages for Mothers

Q&A Corona Viruses – WHO

FAQs Corona Virus – News24

Mental Health Information Centre of South Africa

COVID-19 posters in all languages

Bettercare: Infection prevention and control for healthcare workers (including a COVID-19 module) –

Multilingual resources from the Peoples Health Movement, South Africa:

National Institute for Communicable Diseases:

Department of Health:

World Health Organisations Advice for the Public:

Our South African heroes! Our army of the BRAVE! Thank you for your giant hearts and your commitment to community. You inspire us all, and we are so very lucky to have you in our communities and in our homes. When times feel tough, remember that you have the country standing behind you, rooting for your success.