Refer a case

Have you encountered something in the line of duty that you just can’t stand for?

South African society is a fragmented one, and COVID-19 has really highlighted many of the stark inequalities and hardships that far too many live under. While you are out there, being a hero, you may come across things that will anger you, things that will scare you, things that will upset you, things that you cannot tolerate. Child abuse. Domestic violence. Police brutality. Animal cruelty. And sadly, so much more.

It’s hard to be in this position, especially when it’s neither in your power nor in your control to fix the situation. Depending what kind of Care Worker you are, you will have different expertise and job requirements on how to engage with various issues. For example, as a social worker you may be equipped to manage domestic violence cases. However, as someone providing food relief, that particular social ill will not be something that you have been trained to take on.

You can, however, pass that information on to others who can help. Below you will find contact details to report the various issues you may encounter. Be a hero. Report it.

Abuse of PPE Resources

Masked Heroes whistleblowers line:

General SA COVID-19

0800 029 999
WhatsApp: 060 012 3456


Department of Home Affairs:
0800 601 190

National Crisis Line:
0861 322 322

National Human Trafficking Helpline:
0800 222 777

Support to SMMEs in distress:
086 663 7867

Anti-Animal Cruelty:
011 435 0672 or

Mental Health

Suicide helpline:
0800 567 567

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG):
0800 212 223
0800 456 789
0800 205 026
0800 708 090

Life Line:
0861 322 322

Physical Health

Persons with disabilities:
SMS “help” to 31531

National AIDS Helpline:
0800 012 322

Violence Prevention

Report Gender Based Violence:
WhatsApp the word “BRAVE” to 0800150150

Gender based violence (GBV) – related service complaints (SAPS):
0800 333 177

SAPS (Police) Crime Stop:
0860 10111
SMS Crime Line: 32211

GBV Command Centre:
0800 428 428
1207867# from cellphone

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA):
0800 029 999

Tears Foundation:
010 590 5920
1347355# from cellphone

Women Abuse Helpline:
0800 150 150

0800 055 555

Rape Crisis:
021 447 9762

If there are other helplines that you think should be listed here, please send them on to us at with the subject line: MORE HELPLINES

Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.