PPE Compliance

The Masked Heroes team has taken every measure to ensure that the PPE that is supplied to community care workers meets strict medical and other compliance standards. Please click on each company below to view pictures and compliance certificates of PPE provided by our suppliers, which are currently being distributed through the campaign.

REDAK Investments (Pty) Ltd

Face shields made of clear plastic, with adjustable band, completely covers the side and length of the face quality compliant with the EU PPE regulation 2016/425.

Redak BEE Accountant Confirmation


Surgical Mask (Type II), bacterial filtration efficiency 98%, breathing resistance (Pa) < 29.4; splash resistance N/A; microbial cleanliness (cfu/g <30)

Compliant with EU standards. Certificates available on request.

Yiwu Feiya Trading Co. Ltd

  • Disposable nitrile gloves EN455, EN374, CE, non-sterile, cuffed above the wrist, Size M50%, L50%
  • Isolation gowns mid-calf, water resistant, 45 g (PP +PE)

Compliant with EU standards. Certificates available on request.

IVS Holdings (Pty) Ltd

50 micron, plastic apron that go over the head and fasten at the back.

Our South African heroes! Our army of the BRAVE! Thank you for your giant hearts and your commitment to community. You inspire us all, and we are so very lucky to have you in our communities and in our homes. When times feel tough, remember that you have the country standing behind you, rooting for your success.