Community Connectors

We are building a network of over 300 NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and NPOs who are spread across the country. We refer to this network as “Community Connectors”. We recognise that the effectiveness of a national project such as this hinges on having a capable and responsive team on the ground. Community Connectors are best placed to perform this role because they have the best understanding of community needs, already have a presence in the communities they operate in, and have the capacity to execute a project at this scale.

As a partner in this drive, you will be relied upon to ensure that the personal protective equipment (PPE) that Masked Heroes delivers to you will be 
(1) well managed, and 
(2) provided to genuine Community Care Workers (CCWs) operating within your network at no cost to them. 

You will be joining forces with a movement of compassionate and proactive organisations across the country responding to a “bottom-up” demand for support to keep safe those who keep us safe and help our communities flourish.

Please complete the form below if your organisation can act as a node of support to your local Community Care Workers (CCWs) carrying out their work during the COVID-19 outbreak – especially those who go into people’s homes. 

Please note that due to limited stock of PPE, part of our selection criteria relates to where your organisation is located to ensure that we have good geographic spread across the country. Not all organisations that register will therefore receive PPE.

Our South African heroes! Our army of the BRAVE! Thank you for your giant hearts and your commitment to community. You inspire us all, and we are so very lucky to have you in our communities and in our homes. When times feel tough, remember that you have the country standing behind you, rooting for your success.