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Masked Heroes is a non-profit campaign aimed at limiting community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, which is crucial in flattening the curve and enabling health services to cope. As the epidemic unfolds, protection of frontline Community Care Workers is critical in preventing them from becoming both victims and vectors of infection. Community Care Workers include community health workers, emergency services personnel, social workers and social auxiliary workers, child and youth care workers, as well as food and relief workers across South Africa’s network of hundreds of non-government organisations (Connectors).

Dial *134*38847# or WhatsApp “hi” to 060 011 9999 to get information, tips, ideas and support on the go.

Support for Connectors and Community Care Workers

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This magazine is full of ideas to help keep you safe while you’re out there keeping us safe.

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Too often those of you who provide healthcare and support to people in their own homes don’t get the recognition you deserve. We want to thank you and to tell you that we value you so much. Please also tell your families how much we appreciate you.